As you may have noticed, our 2500 Highway A1a location in Indialantic, Fl has closed its doors this month as a result of implementation of our COVID protocol, which includes virtual private sessions, including the same individually tailored private sessions we have offered for the last 10 years at the physical location.  These sessions are now available via zoom, FaceTime or any other virtual platform of =the client’s choosing.  We have also created personal youtube videos for individual clients for use at home, tailored to their specific goals and needs, including pain management needs.   

Becasue of the sucess of these virtual sessions in treating and addressing both alignment issues and other types of pain, we have decided that we do not need a physical location to sucessfully teach clients how to attain proper alignment and/or implement a pain managment plan for a vast majority of our clients.  If you read on about the EKS Methods and Philosophy, you will learn that an important part of our pain management method is, however, tactile cuing and release work/manipulation.  It is for this reason that, prior to the necessity created by the COVID pandemic, we never attempted a virtual platform in the past.  We were quite surprised to find that the vast majority of our clients were able to feel the internal sensations, and in the case of pain clients, find releif from their pain, simply through our virtual sessions, coaching, creation and teaching of individually tailored movements and breathing techniques.  

For the more advanced cases, we are still available to come to you if you do need tactile cuing, release work or other manipulation. 

***Please call Emily at 321-431-7793 for a free pain consult or to set up your virtual appointment.***           



  Featuring Hugger Mugger yoga mats/props, Gratz Pilates Equipment, aerial silks and yoga hammocks as well as soft Bamboo wood floors, EKS BEACHSIDE BODYWORK studio provides the most ideal environment possible for developing an effective and safe yoga, Pilates and/or aerial arts practice. 

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(321) 431-7793 /  eksbeachsidebodywork@gmail.com

  EKS Beachside Bodywork is a fully equipped Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Arts and Pain Management Studio assisting practitioners in increasing their mobility, strength, flexibility and overall health and well being through precise and highly coordinated movement and the attainment of long term proper body alignment through use of the “EKS Methods” of Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Arts and Pain Management (the “EKS Methods”).  

The EKS methods, developed by Studio owner, Emily Sabo, are integrated approaches to teaching various body types and mental / physical strength profiles—as well as people with varying backgrounds and training—to move with the fluidity, alignment and the core strength and muscle control required for graceful and pain-free movement through life’s most basic daily activities or through advanced yoga, Pilates, aerial arts, gymnastics, dance or professional athletic movement and competition.  [Learn more about Emily Sabo and the development of the EKS Methods of bodywork on the About / Biography page.]  Instruction at EKS Beachside Bodywork stresses proper alignment with anatomical verbal and tactile cues to assist the practitioner in finding deeper and more effective postures safely.  

Ideal candidates for, and practitioners of, the EKS methods span from advanced yogis and Pilates advocates and instructors—and even professional athletes—on the one hand and extreme, to partially or fully immobilized (and sometimes desperate) clients in chronic and intense pain, who have perhaps found little or no relief from the often overly medicinal and surgical approaches to pain management employed by many traditional western medicine professionals and physical therapists, on the other hand and extreme.  The reason these methods are valuable at both extremes is that they establish the ability of the practitioner to control and differentiate muscle groups on a micro level as opposed to the usually very macro level employed subconsciously by most people for movement of the body, core and limbs through life and various physical activities.  Strength is not only the ability to flex a muscle, but also the ability to disengage other muscles which are pulling against the flexed muscle and decreasing the effectiveness of its engagement.  A muscle flexed while other muscles are flexing in the opposite direction becomes less effective since the body is essentially fighting against itself—this produces misalignment and resulting pain, oftentimes, but it also reduces efficiency of movement, balance and control all too important to athletes operating at peak performance.  Considering the anatomy of muscle contraction helps to illustrate and deepen this understanding and provides a small example of the instruction and integrated approach a practitioner training at EKS BEACHSIDE BODYWORK will receive.  If the following analysis and example is not of interest to you, you may want to consider a different studio for your training.  

ILLUSTRATION:  All muscles in the body can only pull on the body and cannot push.  That is, muscles can only contract and, thereby shorten, in response to a direct message from the brain to do so – muscles will therefore pull on the body at their points of attachment when contracted  (e.g.  When the biceps muscle in the upper arm flexes, the arm is bent at the elbow joint bringing the forearm closer to the upper arm / shoulder). This is by design – muscles simply cannot push on the body, but can only contract so that the two points at which a muscle is attached to the body are brought closer together.  By way of example, the biceps muscle bends the arm by shortening and contracting; however the biceps cannot then straighten the arm since it cannot push the forearm back down.  Instead, the triceps—attached to the back of the upper arm—will contract to pull the forearm back down away from the shoulder and upper arm thereby decreasing the flexion in the elbow joint until the arm is straight.   If two opposing muscle groups such as the biceps and the triceps both flex at the same time, they are pulling the body in opposite directions and putting undue stress on the joint.  Equal and opposite pulling may stabilize the body in an inversion or arm balance or other advanced and physically taxing yoga or Pilates posture or other athletic application.  On the flip side, the constant and unequal firing of opposing muscle groups results in shaky and imprecise movement and lack of stability.  Imagine the application of these concepts to the muscles attached to the rib cage and pelvis and think for a moment about the spinal misalignment and nerve interference that can result from uneven firing of opposing muscles or the firing of one muscle group while the opposing muscle group atrophies from non-use.  Uneven or subconscious firing of one muscle group while the opposing muscle group has atrophied and simply cannot be located in the brain is the most common cause of chronic pain, misalignment and eventually, in worst-case scenarios, possibly nerve damage and other resulting conditions.   Meanwhile, restoring conscious, thoughtful and balanced firing of opposing muscles (called “opposition” in the EKS methods) not only (1) restores proper body alignment, mobility, function, flexibility and basic strength to support the spine and other body parts without pain, but also (2) maximizes the proper, strong, flexible and graceful performance of the body under physical pressure and extreme exertion—such as while balancing on the hands in a vigorous yoga or Pilates posture, hanging from aerial silks or engaging in some other athletic or physically demanding task.  

In a nutshell, the EKS methods seek to restore the body’s natural alignment and strengthen the body in this position so that when the body is put under some form of pressure – be it as simple as walking to your car or as complex as standing on your hands or hanging from aerial silks—the body can maintain this proper alignment and remain safe, strong and injury free. Arguably, those at the two extremes of the practitioner spectrum – severe pain at the one end and high performance athletes (including advanced yoga or Pilates practitioners and/or Aerial Arts performers) at the other end—are the two groups who would benefit most from the EKS methods.  

All of that being said, all can benefit from precise and well aligned movement, and Emily Sabo, owner of EKS BEACHSIDE BODYWORK, is dedicated to helping every practitioner with whom she comes in contact to unlock his or her greatest potential for whatever application she or he may wish to apply it.  Whether you seek pain free movement, graceful strength or efficient athletic performance, EKS BEACHSIDE BODYWORK may be the studio for you.  

Call Emily Sabo at EKS BEACHSIDE BODYWORK (321) 431-7793 or email her at eksbeachsidebodywork@gmail.com to schedule your first private session.    


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